How Prayer Warriorz Has Helped Others

Read all the testimonials from others how prayer helped in their lives

We at Prayer Warriorz take what we do very seriously. When we are rewarded with kind and reassuring words about how our work has helped others, we are proud.

Do you believe in miracles? 

"When I asked Maggi to pray for me, I was in the lowest, darkest and hopeless time/place in my life. Nothing worked, no therapy, no amount of friends or support, no self-help books, no kinds of self care or activities. 

In the depth of my sadness and helplessness, I had one idea, I thought of my high school friend who I knew was a strong and faithful Christian, Maggi Schubert! I called her and asked her to pray for and with me and she did! 

In an instant, I felt a heavenly peace! I had contact with my Father! He heard the prayer and I was free to move on from the darkness toward the light. Since then, my life has been filled with hope and bliss. I am grateful to my friend Maggi for her deep faith and her amazing skill and spiritual knowledge in speaking to God who, I am sure, considers her one of his warriors-in-prayer."

Nikki H. 

Prayer is healing and comfort

"My son and I are going through a rough patch. One night I called Maggi crying hysterically after my son said some very hurtful things. And as we prayed, I begin to feel better as God what He does best - heal and comfort. Pray is the love language between God and His people. I was glad she was able to pray with me and my son."

Tara R.