How It Works

Let's Get Some Info

First step is to fill out our inquiry form.
We gather info like your name, contact info, and your current prayer needs. 


Once we have your contact info from the inquiry form, we will set up a time to talk through your prayer needs, how often you'd like in-person prayer, and what you want out of our relationship. 


After we connect with you, we will be praying for you! This will be done either through our daily devotions or a live phone prayer session, based on your preferences. 

Our Position on Prayer

We know the power of prayer and want others to experience the same. We at Prayer Warriorz desire to pray for others in impactful manner and we will ALWAYS do that. Through prayer, our relationship to God is grown and our faith expanded and that is plainly our mission. Some might think it’s crazy to ask people to pay for prayer or some people can’t afford it, so let me clarify what is being compensated.


Prayer is always free and we pray over every request that comes in. Yet, our time is valuable. So, when an in-person prayer appointment is requested, we expect to be resourced for our time. 


And for those who can’t afford in-person prayer, we set aside 10% of every payment for the next person who can’t afford it. We cover everyone with prayer regardless, and our time is valuable so we don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to be prayed for and over. It’s that simple!





How can we pray for you today? We are glad you are reaching out for prayer. We will pray for this request for the next 3 days. If you want a live prayer done by phone, then please add your contact information below.

What action would you like to take?