About Us

Prayer Warrior

Maggi Schubert

Hi! I’m Maggi Schubert.


I am a fervent prayer warrior who has worked most of my life in helping professions. Growing up Catholic gave me beliefs that weren’t affirming of a personal relationship with God. I felt the need to work to become worthy in God’s eyes. After some hard life circumstances, I rediscovered God and began a real, intimate journey with Christ. Developing a prayer life has helped me grow as a woman, increased my faith, and given me discernment on things once thought were beyond my own capacity. It is my heart’s desire to serve others and help others experience the love of Christ daily and manifest God’s purpose through prayer and meditation.


Yearning to help others through prayer, I established Prayer Warriorz. I desire to help people develop their own personal relationships with God.


Prayer Warriorz is open to all, especially:

  • Those who have drifted away from God

  • Individuals and families who may not be interested in corporate church

  • Individuals who aren’t trusting that their prayers are kept confidential

  • Ones who simply may have a longing to know God better


As a believer in Christ, I have found prayer as an answer to many of life’s challenges, unknowns, and worries. While faith is the economy of the Kingdom, prayer is the communication between God and his children. Personally, I have helped many, many people through powerful prayer and at times, had incredible outcomes.


Growing up Catholic, the rituals of prayer seemed so distant and unavailable. When Jesus died on the cross over 2000 years ago, the veil in the holy of holies tore from the top to the bottom, signifying our now equal access to the Father, the Creator of the Universe. You are so valuable to God, that he has given you equal access as those who have been called to preach, teach and minister.


Intercession is a gift that is refined by actually praying more frequently and allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to resonate through, prompting words to come from your mouth to God’s ears. I firmly believe that God’s Word never returns void and God is not one who could lie. So, beginning with an assurance of who you are in God’s eyes gives a foundation of permission to enter his presence, sit at his feet and lay our petitions upon Him.


I am clear that there are different types of prayer for different situations, some may be exhortation, praise, declaration or even lament. No matter what we do, we praise God, repent of our wrongdoing, ask for what is needed, and yield to his will.


I believe that prayer changes everything. Let’s pray together! Be a prayer partner today.