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Prayer Warriorz

Personalized prayer to manifest healing, hope and restoration.

Are you stuck in a spiritual rut?
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Welcome  to
Prayer Warriorz

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Prayer Warriorz

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The mission of Prayer Warriorz is to reconnect people to God through prayer.


Our vision is to utilize Personalized Prayer to manifest healing, hope, and restoration. Our prayer services connect people to God in a way that draws them back into an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This expands their sense of connectedness, belonging and value as they begin to see themselves and the world as God sees them: full of love, beauty, value and giftedness. 


We believe that as individuals use prayer as their communication tool with God in everyday life, they will have greater compassion, peace, awareness, creativity, and courage. God is calling his people back to Him and prayer is the vehicle he chooses.

“I was in the lowest, darkest and hopeless time and place in my life... I called Maggi and asked her to pray for and with me and she did! In an instant, I felt a heavenly peace! I had contact with my Father! He heard the prayer and I was free to move on from the darkness toward the light. Since then, my life has been filled with hope and bliss.”

- Nikki H.

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